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Fabric Denver 9

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Gold Denver 9 fabric can appear extravagant because of its color. In practice, however, it allows to achieve a very successful and desired visual effect also in relation to how it is perceived thanks to the texture of the surface itself. It will be comfortable to use. It is worth choosing for upholstery for home furnishings.

Cleaning method:

Cleaning only with mild upholstery care products. Do not bleach (chlorinate). Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

For cleaning and impregnating fabrics, we recommend OA products that are fully biodegradable and safe for the treated surfaces, available in our offer.

We have made every effort to ensure that the colors of the fabrics presented in the photos correspond to the natural colors. However, monitor settings can affect the color saturation. Please verify the colors on the samplers.

Properties table

Composition 100% PES
Width 140 cm
Grammage 250 g/m2
Abrasion (Martindale test) 190 000
Clean with a soft sponge
Resistant to damage

Gold Denver 9 fabric for glamor style and many more

The Denver 9 Gold Fabric from the Structural Materials Group is a distinctive fine weave braid. The appearance of delicate and subtle shadows in the pattern is very specific to this collection. This is called the effect of two-tone, which is often seen by designers in upholstery materials, because it highlights the advantages of the color itself.

What equipment to use?

This upholstery material is extremely durable and resistant, so it is well suited for upholstered furniture. In addition to the aspect of abrasion, it is classified on the fourth level in the five-point scale of pilling and pilling, and also has the highest parameters in the context of avoiding dyes associated with exposure to light. Therefore, you can easily think of it next to couches, sofas and armchairs, even in sunny living rooms. It can also be an intriguing choice of upholstery for traditional pouffes and stools.

In a glamor style

Of course, such colors immediately bring to mind the glamor style. If you are developing such a concept and want to put on an upholstered lounge furniture in the living room, the material will be perfect for this purpose. This arrangement concept is gaining more and more recognition, especially among people who are already bored with a slightly minimalist, contemporary approach. A collection in this color is well suited to such interiors.

Is it suitable for other arrangements?

Although we are talking about the golden color, it is in a tasteful shade, and the material is not smooth or shiny, so it does not create excessive satiety. Therefore, you can successfully think about the choice of upholstery from this collection for other arrangements, especially when combined with neutral colors of walls and other equipment.

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