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Fabric Chivas 114

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The Chivas 114 fabric in salmon color is a modern material in an extremely fashionable color. Interesting and warm colors will work well in classic and contemporary interiors. The shade is intense, but at the same time neutral enough not to dominate the rooms and provide the opportunity to compose coherent concepts. Users choose this collection also because of the later convenience when it comes to the care of upholstery prepared from it.

Cleaning method:

Cleaning only with mild upholstery care products. Do not bleach (chlorinate). Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

For cleaning and impregnating fabrics, we recommend OA products that are fully biodegradable and safe for the treated surfaces, available in our offer.

We have made every effort to ensure that the colors of the fabrics presented in the photos correspond to the natural colors. However, monitor settings can affect the color saturation. Please verify the colors on the samplers.

Properties table

Composition 100% PES
Width 142
Grammage 330 g/m2
Abrasion (Martindale test) 50 000
Easy cleaning
Long hair
Clean with a soft sponge
Subtly soft

Experience the comfort of using Chivas 114 hydrophobic salmon fabric

The Chivas 114 salmon fabric with a low grammage and a great result in the abrasion test is sufficiently durable, and at the same time comfortable for humans. Therefore, it is used for furnishing interiors that are often and willingly used by household members. This is especially true of lounge furniture for living rooms, including sofas, couches and corner sofas. Due to its long hair and softness, it can also be used for accessories, such as decorative pillowcases.

Why is protection against wet dirt so important?

Damp stains are a real bane when it comes to furniture upholstery. Unlike textiles, they are not taken off regularly, but are cleaned where they remain attached to the equipment. On the other hand, fabrics that quickly absorb moisture show dirt that may come off such a surface only after repeating the entire cleaning process several times, and often still leave an unattractive trace. This is especially true for coffee, wine or ink stains, but even carbonated products can stain furniture. That is why hydrophobic technology can be simply irreplaceable.

How does the Water Proof coating work?

In the simplest terms, it is related to the fact that the liquids falling to the surface break up into small droplets that remain on it. Reacting quickly, you can even get rid of them with paper towels. At the same time, it makes it easier to clean dirt of a different nature, because it can be removed with soapy water and drained.

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