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Fabric Cashmere 6

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The raspberry-colored Cashmere 6 fabric belongs to the general group of velor fabrics. It is characterized by a designer look and, above all, functionality. This is evidenced by its properties and solutions used at the fabric preparation stage, intended to facilitate its cleaning. Therefore, it is perfect for strong and stylish upholstery and for accessories that will add character to the interior.

Cleaning method:

Cleaning only with mild upholstery care products. Do not bleach (chlorinate). Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

For cleaning and impregnating fabrics, we recommend OA products that are fully biodegradable and safe for the treated surfaces, available in our offer.

We have made every effort to ensure that the colors of the fabrics presented in the photos correspond to the natural colors. However, monitor settings can affect the color saturation. Please verify the colors on the samplers.

Properties table

Composition 100% PES
Width 140cm
Grammage 380 g/m2
Abrasion (Martindale test) 150 000
Clean with a soft sponge
Subtly soft

Raspberry Cashmere 6 fabric for cozy arrangements

The raspberry Cashmere 6 fabric is a very interesting combination of the always appreciated look of classic wool with velvety softness. It is reinforced on the bottom with a special undercoat, and the Soft Touch wool finish is largely responsible for the visual effect. By the way, as the name suggests, the surface is soft and friendly to use in residential interiors. The shade itself allows the material to be used in cozy rooms, regardless of whether they will be furnished in a traditional or a more modern style.

Strong and comfortable

The collection is characterized by an extremely high abrasion resistance parameter. It will work well both in households of several people and in public areas used by dozens or even hundreds of people every day. Its pleasant form encourages the use of the material in less formal offices or service points. With high durability, its softness and the design itself will appeal to customers or contractors visiting such workplaces. At home, the residents appreciate its comfort in everyday use. In addition to upholstery for furniture, you can also use it for headboards and other decorative elements.

It does not lose its visual qualities

The material is resistant to pilling, which is of particular importance in the case of such a structure, reminiscent of wool. However, you do not have to worry about the formation of knots or not very aesthetic balls on the surface. Maintaining the good appearance of this fabric for a long time is favored by its easier cleaning, related to the use of a coating in this collection that protects against quick absorption of liquids.

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