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Fabric Aster 250

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The blue Aster 250 fabric is classified as patterned graphic materials. It has a very unique and refined style that encourages you to use it in homes or apartments. It is favored by its functional features combined with the fact that the surface itself will remain appropriately delicate and pleasant to the touch.

Cleaning method

Cleaning only with mild upholstery care products. Do not bleach (chlorinate). Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

For cleaning and impregnating fabrics, we recommend OA products that are fully biodegradable and safe for the treated surfaces, available in our offer.

We have made every effort to ensure that the colors of the fabrics presented in the photos correspond to the natural colors. However, monitor settings can affect the color saturation. Please verify the colors on the samplers.

Properties table

Composition 100% PES
Width 140cm
Grammage 450 g/m2
Abrasion (Martindale test) 20 000
Easy cleaning
Antibacterial certificate
Flame retardant
Clean with a soft sponge

The blue Aster 250 fabric will be perfect for furniture and interior accessories in various styles

The appearance of the Aster 250 blue fabric immediately evokes elegance, and indeed it gives the impression of a refined, yet accessible and effortless chic. Contrary to appearances, it will therefore work well not only in arrangements of a typically classic character. It will fit them perfectly, but it is also worth thinking about in some typically innovative concepts, especially in this tasteful color scheme.


Upholstery materials are considered largely due to the specificity of use. This collection is characterized by a unique appearance, but at the same time really good indicators when it comes to durability. In the Martindale test, which is a measure of resistance to abrasion, the fabric achieved a result of 20,000 cycles, making it an absolutely proven choice when it comes to private living spaces. Its quality is confirmed by flame retardant and antibacterial certificates, confirming the full safety of using this material in rooms that are often used by household members. Upholstery made from this collection will not pilling or fading due to exposure to light, thanks to which their impeccable appearance will remain for a long time.

Application possibilities

This collection is well suited for furniture, including sofas and armchairs, especially since the specificity of the surface means that the liquids do not quickly soak into its structure, which makes the cleaning itself very easy. Aster, however, can also be used as stylish bedspreads or decorative pillows. You can also think about using the material when creating curtains for home interiors. In this color, it fits perfectly in modern and more traditional stylizations.

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