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Fabric Arizona BORDEAUX

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The Arizona BORDEAUX fabric is a very high quality material. It is prepared with great care and is distinguished by its functional properties. Any doubts regarding its choice are dispelled by appropriate certificates proving that it is a high-quality collection characterized by a refined design.

Cleaning method

Cleaning only with the use of mild eco-leather care products. Do not bleach (chlorinate). Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

We have made every effort to ensure that the colors of the fabrics presented in the photos correspond to the natural colors. However, monitor settings can affect the color saturation. Please verify the colors on the samplers.

Properties table

Composition 91% PVC, 9%PU
Width 140cm
Grammage 690 g/m2
Abrasion (Martindale test) 100 000
Easy cleaning
Antibacterial certificate
Flame retardant
Clean with a soft sponge
Does not contain hazardous substances

Choose the durable Arizona BORDEAUX maroon fabric over genuine leather

The maroon Arizona BORDEAUX fabric is the optimal solution for people who want to introduce leather surfaces into their interiors. The material has a thickness of 1 mm and a grammage of 690 g / m2. Importantly, it turns out to be extremely durable, which is often questionable when it comes to products that are intended to replace natural leather.

Unique eco-leather

In the case of the Arizona collection, its resistance is a really big advantage. Many people are afraid of reaching for eco-leather, expecting that they will soon crack and lose their aesthetics. The material is made of 91% PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and 9% PU (polyurethane), thus achieving a good balance of stiffness and flexibility. The high result in the Martindale test and numerous approvals (including flame retardant and no hazardous substances) guarantee that this eco-leather can be used safely and for a long time. It also has an antibacterial certificate. If you are looking for an alternative to leather, this is an option definitely worth considering.

What to use it for?

The material even qualifies for car upholstery. Of course, it can be used in residential interiors in the form of effective furniture upholstery. The most common choice will be large sofas and corner sofas for elegant living rooms, decorated with an emphasis on convenience. The material will be suitable for the upholstery of comfortable armchairs and even bar stools, which are more and more often used in interiors where the living room is open to the kitchen, and the rooms are divided by an island, where such seats are perfect.

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