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Long Life


Toccare InSpray – sets impregnation and cleaning of upholstery fabrics and leathers, natural and synthetic.

Keeping the fabric clean has never been so easy!

Toccare wants to make it easier, and thus more enjoyable life for all, without exception. We can not always afford a new piece of furniture fashionably dressed in fabric upholstery Toccare or change in the existing piece of furniture. It does not matter – the unique functionality Toccare we can move on any fabric!

To ensure ultimate comfort in the use of any upholstered furniture Toccare closed their 2 unique technologies in one handy package. Simply apply the liquid on a cloth, wait … and enjoy life without limits! Our fabric is waterproof and łatwoczyszczącą ie. Remove any dirt with a damp cloth or erasers, supplied.

Sets Toccare InSpray almost zero eliminate all restrictions on the daily home life, to the extent possible to facilitate removal of any dirt off the couch and protecting it against the ingress of liquids and development on the surface of any bacteria or fungi. There are 2 sets: one designed for natural leather and synthetic (EASY CLEAN & WATERPROOF InSpray), the second fabric (H2O CLEAN & WATERPROOF InSpray). Each set includes a unique fluid, which when applied to a fabric will make it waterproof and protect against dirt and bacteria, and is appropriate for the type of fabric set for the removal of dirt. Since then remove any dirt from the fabric will take only a few seconds! It’s fun, is not it? We love can not make possible.


  • if you want any fabric, not necessarily Toccare, protected against the ingress of liquids and development of bacteria and fungi, as well as make it łatwoczyszczącą
  • always after the removal of stains from the fabric of the area Toccare
  • regularly every 12 months in order to impregnate the fabric technology